About Alarm-Point

ROM Communication’s new Iridium satellite Alarm-Point is a cost-effective power/state monitoring device that is designed to work regardless of cell coverage or carrier compatibility. Incorporating the industry acclaimed TextAnywhere Global 2-way messaging service, Alarm-Point functions as an effective safety and productivity link in remote areas. Alarm-point will notify your designated contact(s) by text message or email when there is a change to the monitored power status. For additional peace of mind, a heartbeat message will automatically be sent every Tuesday and Saturday ensuring the system is operational.

Alarm-Point is available in the following configurations:

  • AC Power Monitoring
    • Comes with 120-volt wall plug adapter.
    • Typical for generator, refrigeration, ventilation & critical equipment operation.
  • DC Power Monitoring
    • Comes with flying leads for 7 to 26 volts DC.
    • Typically used for solar panels, batteries, supply power & irrigation.
  • Dry Contact Option (Add connection for float switches and Security systems.)
  • Magnetic Mount Option
  • DEVICE IS BEING SHIPPED ACTIVATED. Expires ___ / ___ / 20___
  • Device ID #: RID ________

Using Alarm-Point

  1. Go to www.alarm-point.com to activate your device and set up your notifications.
    1. On the top right of the webpage, Click on “Activate”, Login or Create a new account.
    2. Enter your “RIDxxxx” number and click on “Submit”, the Control Panel will open.
    3. Set up your Notifications and customize your Alarm-Point.
  2. Connect the power being monitored to your Alarm-Point.
  3. Place device with a clear view of the sky.
  4. You will receive a status update within a few minutes.

Connecting to the Built-In APP

Once power is connected to the Alarm-Point, it will start the broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal for your phone/tablet/laptop to access the built-in power status & TextAnywhere APP. We strongly recommend that you add a password to prevent unauthorized use (go to the settings menu on the built-in APP).

  1. On your device’s WiFi settings menu, select the “AlarmPoint” SSID signal.
  2. Open your web browser and enter “” in the address bar, press go or hit enter.
  3. The built-in APP should now open, use the Menu icon located in the top left corner to navigate the application.

*If you have issues opening the APP, try clearing the browser history and try again.

You are responsible for all and any overages in each month, notifications and messages do not carry forward from month to month. Each month you are allowed up to 40 power state change notifications and 10 incoming/outgoing text messages.

Additional notifications are $0.10 each and text messages are $0.50 each.